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Case #1081

Seeds of Peace: An International Model


The Seeds of Peace internationally recognized program model begins at the International Camp in Maine and continues through follow-up programming at the Seeds of Peace Center for Coexistence in Jerusalem, international youth conferences, regional workshops, educational and professional opportunities, and an adult educator program. This comprehensive system allows participants to develop empathy, respect, and confidence as well as leadership, communication and negotiation skills -- all critical components that will facilitate peaceful coexistence for the next generation. From 46 Israeli, Palestinian and Egyptian teenagers in 1993, the organization still focuses on the Middle East but has expanded its programming to include young leaders from South Asia, Cyprus and the Balkans. Its leadership network now encompasses over 2,500 young people from four conflict regions. From 1993 to 2006, over 2,500 teens from 25 nations have graduated from Seeds of Peace.


WHAT HAS WORKED: Its level of organization and institutionalization has really helped Seeds of Change and its programming thrive in the Middle East. It's extremely encompassing and it incorporates a broad range of training. It's programming will be extremely applicable to other conflict situations or environments of insecurity.
Location: World Wide
Action: Community Organizing
Setting: Semi-Developed, Third World
Extent of Action: Regional (within a country)
Issues: Peace/Conflict Resolution, Social Change
Year(s): 1993
Outcome successful for now
Source: N/A


Source: www.seedsofpeace.org
Prepared By: JG, 09/13
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