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Case #126

Car that runs on air


French race car driver Guy Negre has invented the e.Volution, a car that runs on air. Compressed air pumped into the 1500 pound vehicle is slowly released to power pistons that drive the car. A fully pumped e.Volution can travel 120 miles for a mere 30 cents. Filling the tank at home takes four hours; a fill up at an "air station" takes three minutes. The car's only emission is air. Priced at $10,000, the air car is already rolling off production lines at factories in France; three factories are being built in Australia; three more are under construction in South Africa, Mexico, and Spain. (Entire article)


Location: France
Action: Building
Setting: Developed World
Extent of Action: International
Issues: Environment, Conservation
Year(s): 2001
Outcome in progress
Source: Timeline 57, May-June 01 p17


Prepared By: alb, 7/01
Rating: 1
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