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Case #245

Analog Forestry replaces cattle ranging and logging


FURARE is a local NGO that was asked by the peasant organisations in the equatorial region of western Ecuador to help provide alternatives to timber and cattle ranching practices, both of which are harmful to the larger ecosystem in the area. Since 1996 FURARE has established itself in Los Bancos and is promoting Analog Forestry(1) as a means to an alternative source of income, simultaneously enhancing the restoration of degraded soils.

Analog Forestry is a system of silviculture, which imitates the architectural structure and ecological function of the original vegetation. It is a method to restore deforested and degraded lands and to offer people new sources of income, food and other essential needs.


contacts: for more information on the history, background, context, strategies and successes, and obstacles surrounding this project, visit the Encyclopedia of Sustainability at www.bothends.org
Location: Ecuador
Action: Restoration
Setting: Third World
Extent of Action: Regional (within a country)
Issues: Environment
Year(s): 1996
Outcome in progress
Source: bothends


Prepared By: rja, 8/01
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