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Case #320

Diverse Groups Join Together to Form The Global Safe Food Alliance


A dozen groups in the US have come together to form a coalition with the mission to 'mobilize a large, broad based grassroots movement to advocate a food supply that is safe, wholesome and humanely produced in a sustainable manner that benefits consumers, workers, farmers, animals and the environment.' This new Global Safe Food Alliance brings together Family Farm Defenders, the Cancer Prevention Coalition, the Government Accountability Project and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, as well as the National Catholic Rural Life Conference. The NCRLC recently ran an 'eating is a moral act' campaign, and its director, Brother David Andrews, said at the press launch: �We are concerned that the food cartel culture and industrialization of agriculture is diminishing the dignity of God's creation.�


Groups with diverse missions can join together for a common cause. The action takes on a synergistic effect, with the whole being larger than the sum of the parts. The groups need to be coordinated with their efforts and the public relations and probably need a strategic plan for this if the alliance is to stay together. Alliance forming, like �partnering,� is powerful and is applicable under many different situations. Downside: the possibility that the alliance groups have a falling out.

Location: US
Action: Political, Boycott/Strike, Letter-Writing, Education/P.R.
Setting: Developed World
Extent of Action: National
Issues: Agriculture, Food
Year(s): 2001
Outcome in progress
Source: (no source entered)


Global Safe Food Alliance, www.citizen.org/cmepl/foodsafety/gsfc/

Prepared By: SL 11/01
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