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Case #391

Cyclists on a Global Peace Mission


Iranian cyclists Amir Admadi and Hassan Alizadeh have been biking around the world. Since September 2000, they have ridden bicycles 12,000 miles through Pakistan, India, Singapore, Japan and Canada on a peace mission that has crossed many unpeaceful places. The two plan to complete their global trip in about two more years, riding through Africa and South America before their mission is complete. They say they're riding to experience the world first hand and to make a difference the only way they say they can.

Ahmadi, a studying electrician and the son of an accountant, said he remembers bombs dropping when he was a young boy during Iran's Islamicc revolution in 1979. Alizadeh, an English major and the son of a farmer, said he tires of the constant violence in the Middle East

The two cyclists were in the United States when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and the two Middle Easterners' mission seemed to roll backward. "We felt we were struggling for some particular thought, and this incident went against it,? Alizadeh said. "We felt much more an intense desire to continue because peace is more needed right now."
1.S., Mideast kids become pen pals for peace


The two cyclists are good ambassadors for peace. Their dedication and wide exposure in various countries in the world brings the universal goal of living in a peaceful world down to the personal level. As they state: ?To us, people are all the same. It?s the governments that are different and cause division and strife. Sometimes governments make a mistake by being self-serving, bringing distinction and separation to their countries. We have bicycles. We are pedaling because this is the only thing we have." Periodically, similar journeys by bicycle or foot occur when an individual or small group wants to make a point. Funding is a problem as is finding people who can take a significant time from their life to do this. However, participants gain admiration from many people and usually make their point in the manner that Alizadeh and Ahmadi have done.
Location: Several Countries
Action: Education/P.R.
Setting: Developed World, Semi-Developed, Third World
Extent of Action: International
Issues: Peace/Conflict Resolution
Year(s): 2002
Outcome in progress
Source: The Daily Camera, November 19, 2001, p. 1B


For more information on the journey of Alizadeh and Ahmadi, go to www.pedal4peaee.com.
Contact Justin Gage at (303) 473-1359 or georgej@thedailycamera.com
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