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Case #488



Five ingenious and simple ideas solve five common problems:

1. Xtrabike: This extension converts a standard bike into a heavy-duty freight carrier that can be use to transport people, equipment or goods. COST $25.

2. Sodis: Fill a clear plastic bottle with water, set it on a black surface for about five hours. The rising temperature of the water, combined with ultraviolet radiation will kill 99% of all pathogens. COST: $0

3. The KCJ (Kenya Ceramic Jiko) is a simple ceramic liner that fits inside the hourglass-shaped metal stove. This increases the stove's efficiency by 25%-40%, cutting the average family's fuel costs by more than $60 a year.
COST $1 - $5. Made by local entrepreneurs.

4. In the Biogas latrine, human, animal, and agricultural wastes are added to a tank, where it sits for 30 days. The composting process produces fertilizer and creates methane gas, which can be used as a source of energy for cooking and lighting. COST $200

5. Hippo Water Roller: This large polyethylene drum, with a screw-on lid and a steel clip-on handle carries 24 gallons of water. When filled it is turned on its side and pushed like a steamroller. COST: $60 from Imvubu Projects.


Even what would be modest costs to many of us could be prohibitive to people in Third World countries. Is there an organization that provides individual help, as with the items above, from donated money?

Location: international
Action: Direct, Building
Setting: Semi-Developed, Third World, Urban, Village, Agricultural
Extent of Action: Multi-Country
Issues: Agriculture, Health, Other
Year(s): 2000
Outcome successful
Source: Wired Magazine, April 2002, p. 108


search web for XAccess, Sodis, Kenya Ceramic Jiko, Imvubu Projects

Prepared By: jh 9/04
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