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Case #500

Energy Efficiency Homes – Two Examples


This brief articles highlights two examples of energy efficient homes. One spotlights some Habitat for Humanity build projects. The other features higher end homes in Tucson, Arizona.


WHAT IS WORKING:   For the Habitat projects:  Building 20 affordable “zero net-energy homes” in Tennessee that produce as much electricity as they use.  The houses use biomass turbines, solar electric systems, and insulation panels that are part of the building structure. Because they can be built at little or no extra cost, the average Joe can have a dream home that doesn't drag on the earth's resources or his wallet. For the Tucson projects: houses with ultra-efficient masonry walls for insulation, double-pane windows, and solar-powered water heating--all of which reduce heating and cooling costs to less than a dollar a day on average. Not satisfied, Miller has broken ground on the next generation: a home that produces energy. A meter on the house will run backward to credit the owner when he or she puts unused power back on the grid.

IMPORTANT POINTS: Both the Tennessee and Arizona efforts are the leading edge of the Department of Energy's "Building America" program, which has so far put up 14,000 energy-efficient homes nationwide.

Location: US
Action: Building
Setting: Developed World, Semi-Developed, Third World, Urban
Extent of Action: National
Issues: Conservation
Year(s): 2003
Outcome successful
Source: Sierra Magazine March/April 2003, p.12


Prepared By: sl, 9/10
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