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Case #586

Brazilian Ecological Association broadening its work


A Global Greengrants grant was given to increase the capacity of the organization to participate in the environmental forums of the City of Recife and the State of Pernambuco in the Northeast of Brazil. The organization will also increase its ability to monitor, verify and publicize cases of environmental destruction, develop educational materials on environmental issues, and conduct educational sessions for students and for rural and urban communities.


Educational work is always an important aspect in environmental movements. The strategies used in this case are basic but broad-ranged, reaching and enabling a potentially large group of interested citizens and activists. Participation in public forums is a nonviolent approach to achieving access to public policy making. The strategies used here are applicable across a large band of projects.

Cooperation is a key word in this case.
Location: Brazil
Action: Education/P.R.
Setting: Third World
Extent of Action: Regional (within a country)
Issues: Environment
Year(s): 2000
Outcome in progress
Source: Global Greengrants Annual Report 2000


Prepared By: sl, 5/02
Rating: 1
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