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Case #594

Environmental help for Baikal Region in Russia


A project has been launched to monitor and implement environmental regulations protecting the forests of the Baikal region of Russia. The project will include: the collection of information on the state of the forest ecosystems and on the levels and effectiveness of legal protection for these ecosystems; the education of local communities and the general public about the state of local forests and about their legal rights to protect these forests; and the establishment of a network of grassroots volunteer inspectors to monitor the use of Baikal's forests.


This project operates on many levels for the ecosystem involved: data collection, legal protection for them, education about them, and group networking for those who protect them. The multi-tract approach assures more success for the project. The multi-tract approach would be good to duplicate in other situations, with any grassroots project. Drawbacks: putting together a project of this size requires long-term planning, a fair amount of resources (people, skills, and money) and a good number of people. Still, the synergistic effects are good - the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
Location: Lake Baikal, Russia
Action: Education/P.R., Networking
Setting: Third World
Extent of Action: Regional (within a country)
Issues: Conservation
Year(s): 2000
Outcome in progress
Source: Global Greengrants Annual Report 2000


Prepared By: sl, 5/02
Rating: 1
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