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Case #660

Water Stewards Network Web Site Empowers Grassroots Communities to Become Stewards of Their Local Water Resources


The website based group Water Stewards Network raises awareness about global water issues and disseminates information about sustainable approaches to water management that empowers communities to become stewards of their local water resources. This is an important step in galvanizing the peoples' movement for water sovereignty and promoting a paradigm shift in society's approach to water management. It is an unprecedented opportunity to engage communities at the grassroots level. Through this engagement, they hope to foster a culture of local water stewardship.

There is already a substantial effort on the part of numerous international bodies, including various branches of the United Nations, the World Water Council, the Global Water Partnership, and the World Bank, to aid the regions of the world experiencing acute water scarcity. These organizations are concentrating on increasing current infrastructure and importing water, an approach that may offer temporary relief but does little to address the fundamental problem: water scarcity It is imperative that these current trends in water policy do not remain unopposed.

The true problem, which has created the market corporations are pursuing, is society's unsustainable use and mismanagement of this vital resource. This mandates that, in conjunction with defending the global water commons from corporate theft, the movement begin to focus on how to foster sustainable management at the local level. The network of people and organizations that has grown surrounding these issues allows for an extraordinary level of communication and information exchange- providing the necessary strength and collaboration to achieve our goals.


This valuable website provides a wealth of how-to information about water: how to collect it, store it, purify it, conserve it, distribute it, and restore contaminated sources of water. It also offers an opportunity for a global exchange of water-related information with the focus on conservation, restoration, and the reuse of wastewaters.

The ways in which society utilizes water for industry, agriculture, and sanitation must be rethought. The Water Stewards Network see their global grassroots campaign (that has now developed into the Peoples' World Water Movement) as an unprecedented opportunity to engage communities at the grassroots level. Through this engagement, they hope to foster a culture of local water stewardship.

The project is another good example of the power of the Internet for spreading political awareness and practical information.
Location: global
Action: Legal, Political, Organizing
Setting: Developed World, Semi-Developed, Third World, Urban, Village, Agricultural, Rangeland, Wilderness
Extent of Action: International
Issues: Human Rights, Corporate/Economic Abuses, Resources, Conservation
Year(s): 2004
Outcome in progress
Source: www.waterstewards.org, (November, 2004)


Prepared By: sl, 12/04
Rating: 1
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