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Case #700

Successful Tactics for Grassroots Organizers


Excellent tactics used before the 2004 vote to ensure honest voting in Arkansas (one of the more difficult states to work with to met this goal). It includes a wealth of useful practical suggestions for carrying out these kinds of actions.


STRATEGY: Construct and carry out a long-term plan to ensure honest voting in Arkansas.
WHAT WORKED: Practical actions included: (1) Called for a boycott of media until they covered the issue, and printed relevant letters to the editors (LTE's) (2) Handed out fliers with the voting machine problems listed all over the city, at the malls, everywhere she could get her people into (3) Utilized "talk radio" programs (4) Attended local progressive and political party meetings across the state speaking on this topic. This allowed her to build a base and she mobilized them to bombard the Secretary of State (SOS) with calls/letters opposing these proposed electronic voting machines. (5) Arranged for and held Town Meetings across the state to present her points. (6) Protests (non violent with highly visible signs with simple messages) at the state capital (7) Mailed a 'talking points' letter on the problems with Electronic Voting Machines to all 75 county clerks and election commissioners across the state (8) Used bumper stickers on cars and/or a pin and wore it everywhere (9) Set up an information table at local malls. Please see the following Full Text article for details and fine points about these tactics. Important Points: This grassroots organizer started her work a full two years before the issue was to be voted upon. She used a state wide, multiple prong approach to get her message out. Out-of- pocket costs were fairly minimal. However, the project did require cash outlay for such things as flyers and other printed materials to hand out.
Location: Arkansas, USA
Action: Political, Letter-Writing, Education/P.R.
Setting: Developed World
Extent of Action: Local
Issues: Political
Year(s): 2004
Outcome successful
Source: Personal Email


lburks@conwaycorp.net (Lisa Burks of the National Coalition of Verified Voting in Arkansas)
Prepared By: sl, 11/05
Rating: 1
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