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Case #753

Strong Men Don't Bully


In 2003, Gloucester, Massachusetts became the second city in the state to declare itself a Domestic Violence-Free Zone. To bring home the message, 550 Gloucester men "sent" the town's women a Valentine's Day card: a billboard bearing their names, saying "Strong Men Don't Bully" The public proclamation was a welcome sign of hope to the women, and the men feel encouraged to join the cross-section of brothers ending the silence that condones domestic abuse.


STRATEGY: Raise awareness of domestic violence and its layers of problems for the people (mainly women and children) who are directly affected. Use men to get a positive message over to other men.
WHAT WORKED: The billboard approach was very public. Having specific (and likely well-known) men from the community sign it was helpful and made the message more powerful. The accountability of the message was direct and strong.
IMPORTANT POINTS: Low cost. The billboard message was strengthened by the addition of signs and bumper stickers. It is easily replicable as is evidenced by the interest of 150 other communities to sponsor a similar project. Multi-level sponsorship is likely and it's a good all around community project.
Location: Gloucester, MA, US
Action: Education/P.R.
Setting: Developed World
Extent of Action: Local
Issues: Human Rights
Year(s): 2003
Outcome in progress
Source: Hope magazine, Jan/Feb 2003, p. 7


Gloucester, MA City Hall

Prepared By: sl, 11/05
Rating: 1
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