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Case #77

CIA Tactics - Igniting a Military Coup in Chile


In the early 1970s, the CIA employed various forms of propaganda, manipulation, and coercion in order to force the military ousting of a Socialist Chilean leader.

In September of 1970, U.S. President Richard Nixon ordered the CIA to instigate a military takeover in Chile to block the November inauguration of Salvador Allende, a democratically-elected Socialist (and therefore enemy of the American sphere of influence in Latin America). The tactics discussed in this declassified CIA document break down the strategy for achieving a military coup into three fundamental categories of economic, political, and psychological warfare, all of which are aimed at creating the necessary circumstances under which a military coup could take place.


Location: Chile
Action: Political, Direct
Setting: Semi-Developed
Extent of Action: Regional (within a country)
Issues: Other
Year(s): 1970
Outcome successful
Source: Harpers Magazine, April 2001


Prepared By: rja, 7/01
Rating: 1
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