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Case #81

Merging Business with Activism


Philadelphia's White Dog cafe began with the idea that "you can, in fact, use the market as a vehicle for serving humanity." In the 18 years since its opening, the White Dog has become a Philadelphia institution, locally and nationally known and valued for owner Judy Wicks' leadership in right relationship with employees, social and environmental activism, and just plain good cooking. Through her restaurant, Judy Wicks has finally found a way to merge her love of inventive cuisine, her social activism, and her practical business sense.

Among the innovations offered at the White Dog Cafe are regular "table talks" on social and political issues, organized rides to rallies and marches, and field trips to other countries to open up new avenues of communication between peoples. Wicks also nurtures a tolerant and fair workplace by guaranteeing all employees a livable wage as well as helping to support her employees' outside activities. As for cuisine, the White Dog Cafe has served as a model to other restaurants around the country by purchasing and serving only humanely-raised animal products.


applicable to other restuarants in other cities in many countries
Location: Philadelphia
Action: Direct
Setting: Developed World
Extent of Action: Regional (within a country)
Issues: Environment, Human Rights, Peace/Conflict Resolution, Corporate/Economic Abuses, Worker Rights
Year(s): 2001
Outcome successful
Source: YES! Magazine Spring 2001


Prepared By: rja, 6/01
Rating: 1
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