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Case #83

Xtracycle Reinvents Bicycle Transportation


With a grant from the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIAA), an organization that provides encouragement and material support to student entrepreneurs, student-turned-inventor Ross Evans gathered a team of ten students to design, manufacture, market, and distribute a product called the FreeRadical - a simple retrofit attachment that extends a bicycle's frame - transforming a basic two-wheeler into an all-purpose cargo carrier. The extended bicycle, or 'Xtracycle', can haul loads previously considered too long, heavy, bulky, or fragile to be transported by bicycle.
After redesigning his product numerous times based on feedback from product users around the world, Evans and two fellow student-entrepreneurs lauched Xtracycle International - a company committed to providing clean, low-cost, sustainable transportation to individuals pursuing small-businesses around the world.

"We're not just committed to doing good - it's why we're in business," says company president Kipchoge Spencer. They hope to manufacture the Xtracycle in a closed-loop process that produces no waste and uses only renewable resources and energy. They also hope to prove to others that a values-driven business can be profitable.


Location: California, USA
Action: Economic/Business
Setting: Developed World
Extent of Action: International
Issues: Environment
Year(s): 2001
Outcome in progress
Source: YES! Magazine, Spring 2001


Xtracycle International, 14618 Tyler Xtracycle, Foote Rd., Nevada City, CA 95959; (888) 537-1401; www.xtracycle.com. Information about the NCIIA is at: www.nciia.org.
Prepared By: rja, 6/01
Rating: 2
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