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Case #842

Refugee collective helps individuals afford big expenditures


A group of refugees developed a system that helped each of them receive a large lump sum of money (on a rotating basis) for major expenditures by each contributing a certain amount on a monthly schedule. This type of group action was stimulated by their inability to obtain credit at local banks.


The system Reem Haddad describes is something that is already being practiced in several parts of the Philippines-small groups (of mixed ages and gender) in rural and urban communities pooling together their resources for mutual benefit. This has been going on for as far back as I can remember and in one region the system is called 'Pahulugan' which literally means 'a place where one drops something'. Funny how sometimes one finds the solution to a problem in one's own backyard after having searched high and low for answers. Chito Mandia Boac, Philippines

Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Action: Economic/Business
Setting: Semi-Developed
Extent of Action: Local
Issues: Economics
Outcome successful
Source: New Internationalist 348, August 2002, p. 3


Prepared By: dp, 07/04
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