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Case #858

Wonder product cleans up polluted water


A a product designed to clean up the world has been named the most innovative product in the world. Supazorb, invented in South Africa, can clean up polluted water and even deal with oil spills.

The product is made from four plants and a blend of natural bacteria, which break down all types of hydrocarbons in any environment. Microorganisms literally eat up the pollutants using them as their source of energy and food. It seems nothing is beyond them: oil, PCB's, cyanide, insecticides, herbicides and battery acid are just some of the hazardous contaminants which can be transformed into harmless, non-toxic compounds. It is so effective that water becomes clear and waste can used as compost when the cleaning up is completed. Inventor Frans Wilson says, "As the ingredients all come from raw organic materials we can make unlimited supplies." The former pilot is delighted that his product has been named as a wonder product by the University of Surrey because he has had trouble getting its value recognised. "Supazorb has the ability to provide a safer environment, a cleaner earth and can help sustain a better world for us and our descendants," he says. (full text)


Location: South Africa
Action: Restoration, Building
Setting: Developed World
Extent of Action: International
Issues: Environment, Resources, Conservation
Year(s): 2002
Outcome successful
Source: Yes! Magazine #6, Summer 98


Frans Wilson, Supazorb,
P.O. Box 101479,
Meerensee, Richards Bay, 3901,
South Africa.
Tel: +27 35 7974121
Web site : www.supazorb.com
Email: frans@supazorb.co.za

Prepared By: dp, 06/03
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