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Case #929

The Corporate Cubicle Installation Game


There is a concentration of power around the office water cooler. This is the corporate agora, the one place where people can speak freely of themselves, their frustrations, their ideas. More often, though, it's where people talk about what was on the tube last night.

How do we detourn the water cooler and harness its power? The wise culture jammer responds: with the Corporate Cubicle Installation. This article describes how to do this game, and what the hoped for responses could be.


THE STRATEGY: Drop off mysterious (and absolutely harmless and non offensive) packages in pre-selected cubicles in an accessible corporate office. Each message contains the same image, message or object as well as a map that shows the location of all the other selected cubicles.

WHAT WORKS: Water cooler conversations can take a new turn trying to figure out what this is all about. In the process, new and different conversations are created around the office cooler. Carefully chosen drop materials in the packages could encourage conversations that might bring forth some truly innovative ideas and/or cause people to reconsider their values.
Location: usa
Setting: Developed World
Extent of Action: Local
Outcome in progress
Source: Adbusters (magazine) January/February, 2003


Adbusters magazine Web site
Prepared By: sl, 7/09
Rating: 1
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