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Case #954

Leak to the Internet of secret globalization plans brings them to a halt


Before the protests in Seattle against the WTO meetings, there existed international attempts to initiate the (MAI) Multilateral Agreement on Investment, but the plans were leaked to Public Citizen and published on the internet. The worldwide response over the next two years led to the MAI being suspended in 1997. The French delegation commented : 'For the first time, we are witnessing the emergence of a "global civil society"'.


Leaks are a very powerful tactic for exposing secret plans. Bringing them to light often forces modification or abandonment of the plans.

Location: global
Action: Direct, Education/P.R., Political
Setting: Developed World
Extent of Action: International
Issues: Corporate/Economic Abuses
Year(s): 1997
Outcome successful
Source: The Ecologists 32 #7 (September 2002) p.40


Public Citizen, Ralph Nader

Prepared By: jnc, 11/03
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