Case #311
Title: Porous Sod Pavements
Summary: Large paved areas such as parking lots present problems that are not only aesthetic but environmental as well. For instance, during a hard rain, oil, antifreeze, and other automotive offal rush into the sewer system, often ending up in groundwater. Bill Bohnhoff, founder of Aurora, Colorado-based Invisible Structures is the owner of one of six major U.S. companies championing an environmental solution: porous pavements. These drip-through surfaces allow naturally occurring microorganisms in the soil to break down the toxic gunk over time. One of his innovative products is "Grasspave;" a surface of recycled polyethylene plastic rings that are rolled out like carpet, packed with sand, and seeded. This lush lawn is sturdy enough to bear the weight of an F-16 (according to a company spokesman).
Comments: This is an innovative environmental protection product developed in the private sector. It would be applicable in any situation where there are roadways, runways, or large parking lots. The cost, however, likely makes its use limited to the developed world or at least to wealthy areas in other parts of the world.
Location: US
Action: Environment, Resources
Setting: Developed World
Extent of Action: National
Categories: Environment, Resources
Year(s): 2001
Outcome successful for now
Source: ?Onearth? (NRDC), Fall 2001, Vol 23, #3
Contacts: Invisible Structures, Aurora, Colorado, USA
Prepared By: SL 11/01
Rating: 1