Case #314
Title: Never Too Young to Recycle!
Summary: Devon Green is a ten year old girl with a normal life of someone her age. But as founder and CEO of Devon's Heal the World Recycling, she's probably the country's only fifth grader who uses words like "networking" and "cold calling" with professional polish, and like many a savvy businesswoman today, she has global ambitions.

"My overall goal," she says, "is to have a branch of Devon's Heal the World Recycling in every neighborhood, in every town, in every country around the world." She doesn't fear failure.

Devon lives just north of Miami with her four year old sister and sometime employee, Jessica; her mom and dad; three cats, several tanks of fish, and soon, parents willing, a non rodent eating pet snake. She had her recycling awakening at age five, when a neighbor gave her a bag of cans to recycle. After Devon exchanged the cans for cash, she was transformed into an entrepreneurial spirit. Today she has more than eighty clients, collects 3,600 pounds of recyclables per year, and gives 30 percent of her proceeds to organizations such as NRDC (she's been a member since age six). As her dad as car driver, Devon does most of the collecting and also brings in the new business.
Comments: Even very young children can become involved in work to save the environment while making a successful business venture out of the actions. Getting youth involved in environmental issues will lead to a broader base of adults supporting such activities as recycling. Programs like Devon?s could be implemented in schools and clubs in developed countries as well as in lesser developed countries. The accompanying education and awareness factors are also valuable.
Location: Florida, US
Action: Resources
Setting: Developed World
Extent of Action: Personal
Categories: Resources
Year(s): 2001
Outcome successful
Source: ?Onearth? Fall, 2001 Vol23, #3
Prepared By: SL 11/01
Rating: 1