Case #322
Title: Denmark Installs World?s Largest Offshore Wind Farm
Summary: Denmark has opened the world's biggest offshore wind farm on the Oresund, the stretch of water across which Copenhagen faces Sweden. The 20 turbines have a combined capacity of 40 megawatts, enough electricity to supply about 30,000 homes, and are funded through a combination of public and private ownership; 10 are public, and the other 10 owned by several thousand shareholders, who can view their turbines and monitor performance on the wind farm website. Greenpeace is a shareholder, having bought shares to equal the electricity consumption of their Copenhagen office.
Comments: The project capitalizes on legislation passed by the Danish parliament last year to promote renewable energy, at the same time as liberalizing the energy market, and paves the way for a batch of larger wind farms, planned to generate 150 MW each.
Location: Denmark
Action: Environment, Resources, Conservation
Setting: Developed World
Extent of Action: National
Categories: Environment, Resources, Conservation
Year(s): 2001
Outcome in progress
Source: : ?The Ecologist? July/August 2001, Vol 31, #6
Also see ?Middlegrunden ? the Beauty in the Wind? book that is available in both Danish and English (ISBN87-988408-0-04). The book can be ordered at
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