Case #515
Title: Danish Green Tax Discourages Packaging
Summary: The Danish parliament has levied a "green tax" on product packaging to discourage waste, reports The New Rules (Spring 2001). The tax escalates according to the environmental impact of the packaging, so manufacturers have a strong incentive to use cardboard or refillable containers rather than polystyrene or aluminum cans.
Comments: Using taxes as an incentive could be utilized by any government interested in reducing throwaway containers and encouraging reuse of containers. Educational programs on the value of this and on the positive effects on the environment would be a helpful parallel step. These educational programs could be initiated by governments, NGOs or local activists. An additional strategy would be to put a significant deposit requirement on containers that could be recycled, thus encouraging people to return the containers rather than to throw them away. Anyone or organization wanting to pursue information about the tax could contact the government of Denmark to learn the details of the green tax.
Location: Denmark
Action: Environment
Setting: Developed World
Extent of Action: National
Categories: Environment
Outcome in progress
Source: Utne Reader, September-October, 2001, p. 18
Prepared By: sl 1/02
Rating: 1