Case #544
Title: Carnival Against Capital Brings Creativity to Protest Actions
Summary: In the US, The FBI has added `Carnival Against Capital' - the name given to many of the mass actions for international days of protest from London to Quebec - to its list of wanted terrorist groups. But `Carnival Against Capital' is not an organization. It is a rather a tactic and strategy of resistance, the incarnation of the spirit of contemporary resistance to global capitalism. Its creativity is contagious and totally unpredictable. Anything can happen during carnival. World Trade Organization (WTO) meetings get shut down. The FBI knows this and they can see it spreading. Around the world a new spirit is reinventing tactics of resistance, rejecting the tedium of ritual marches from A to B, the verbose rallies where the party faithful listen passively to long speeches by `leaders'. Spontaneity and pleasure are the order of the day.

Please see the Full Text for a history of this movement plus specific actions used in various Carnival Against Capital demonstrations.
Comments: From the article: ?Carnival and revolution have identical goals: to invert the social order with joyous abandon and to celebrate our indestructible lust for life, a lust that capitalism tries so hard to destroy with its monotonous merry-go-round of work and consumerism. It creates a new world by turning the present one upside down. For if resistance and rebellion are not fun, do not reflect the world we wish to create, we are merely replicating previous repressive struggles which postpone pleasure, along with racial and gender equality, until `after the revolution'?. And, ?Just as in an authentic carnival there are no spectators, in a contemporary anti-capitalist carnival there are no leaders. It is the embodiment of diversity, as even-opinion is heard and disparate groups interact. It is people learning to work and protest together.?

Organizing a group to participate in a coordinated way with some international day of protest would be a universally applicable action. However, applying the tactics of seemingly lightheartedness and entertainment elements in a protest to make the overall point has value in a single protest movement. As usual, the importance of keeping these actions nonviolent is very important. Good media coverage is important, but with advance notice, this should not be a problem.
Location: Global
Action: Corporate/Economic Abuses
Extent of Action: International
Categories: Corporate/Economic Abuses
Year(s): 2000
Outcome in progress
Source: New Internationalist, September, 2001, p. 24
Prepared By: sl 2/02
Rating: 1