Case #678
Title: Tips for Taking on the Ku Klux Klan
Summary: Rallies are now an important recruitment tool for KKK/Nazi groups. KKK groups are strong in Alabama and Georgia. but established members travel to adjoining areas in the American South to recruit new members. In Tennessee, Katttah Earth First! (KEF!) and Kattah Anti Racist Action (KARA) attend rallies with the purpose of nonviolently disrupting the recruitment efforts and engaging the KKK/Nazi groups in noisy but reasoned "debate." Media attention helps to expose the true motives and dark side of the KKK/Nazi groups, which pose as modern populist-based organizations. The verbal exchanges and public media exposure make the recruitment less appealing to target groups รข?? those who are poor and people who are generally discontented with government policies.
Comments: The Strategy: Two Tennessee groups work together to utilize direct action to disrupt Klan/ Nazi rallies. What Worked: Vigorous oral argument, physically standing within the group, event media coverage, making lots of auxiliary noise (kazoos, bells, whistles, funny balloon things that you blow up and go "waaaaaa, slogan chanting), making use of unusual visuals so that media photo shots always show the KEF!/KARA presence, arriving at the rally site before the KKK/Nazi members, collecting KKK literature with contact info, rebuffing name calling with reasoned argument, pointing out that the KKK/Nazi groups are outsiders and that the groups who are protesting are local based. Important Points: These direct actions are effectively planned to rebuff the KKK/Nazi groups and to take advantage of the weak points of the groups. A suggestion is to read Sun Tzu's work on military tactics: "The Art of War" for strategies to utilize with nonviolent direct action.
Location: Tennessee, US
Action: Human Rights
Setting: Developed World, Urban
Extent of Action: Local
Categories: Human Rights
Year(s): 2004
Outcome partially successful
Source: Earth First! (publication), May June 2004, Page 23
Contacts: and search for KFAR
Prepared By: sl, 11/05
Rating: 1