Case #682
Title: Farming Solutions Emphasize Local Knowledge and Organics
Summary: Around the world farmers are using their own knowledge and resources to solve age-old problems. The full text (below) contains 11 examples from around the world of locally based projects that empower farmers/communities and utilize biodiversity and organic growing methods.
Comments: Important Points: From the text examples : 1. 'Modern agriculture is all about high yields and fashion foods. Our agriculture is about nurturing the seed. The main capital is not cash, but farmers' knowledge.' 2.'People and their knowledge create agricultural plant varieties and so are part of a holistic system that depends on each other.' 3." â?¦examples from around the world to demonstrate that 'ecologically and socially sound farming systems are not a luxury but a necessity, providing the most effective means to combat hunger'"
Location: global
Action: Environment, Agriculture, Conservation
Setting: Developed World, Semi-Developed, Third World, Village, Agricultural
Extent of Action: International
Categories: Environment, Agriculture, Conservation
Outcome successful
Source: New Internationalist, #353, Jan/Feb 2003
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