Case #766
Title: Finnish Activists Stop Logging
Summary: Activists have saved an area of Finland's last old-growth forests - for now at least. The Finnish state-owned forestry enterprise Metsahallitus was planning to start logging the old-growth forests of Malahvia, an area situated in north-eastern Finland near the Russian border. Metsahallitus's activity would have involved clear-cutting and selective logging despite clear scientific evidence of the high biological value of the Malahvia forests.
Comments: STRATEGY: National letter writing campaign
WHAT WORKED: 3,000 plus people sent letters sent to the potential customers of the cut wood and let those companies do the protest work.
IMPORTANT POINTS: Absolutely non-violent. E ach action did not take much time. It would be helpful to know who got the word out about this situation action and how they did it.
Location: Finland
Action: Environment, Conservation
Setting: Developed World, Wilderness
Extent of Action: Regional (within a country)
Categories: Environment, Conservation
Year(s): 2003
Outcome successful for now
Source: The Ecologist, April 2003, p. 7
Prepared By: sl, 4/06
Rating: 1