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Common Dreams is the most complete source for progressive news - far more reliable than mainstream American media. Includes progressive radio, TV, periodicals, and major newspapers worldwide.


Both ENDS supports the work of environmental organisations, primarily in the so-called South (developing countries) and the Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries. The core of their activities is in making connections, between South and North, environment and development, and between different sectors of society. They work with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community-based organisations (CBOs) and issue-related coalitions or networks.

Global Greengrants makes grants to grass roots environmental organizations in the third world.


www.miningwatch.ca is a leading mining group that covers mining issues worldwide.

The Mineral Policy Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment by preventing the environmental impacts associated with irresponsible mining and mineral development, and by cleaning up pollution caused by past mining.

ejolt.org is a global research project bringing science and society together to catalogue and analyze ecological distribution conflicts and confront environmental injustice.


The Global Ideas Bank is a compendium of innovative ideas from around the world.

The Ideas Bank is similar to the Global Ideas Bank, from Norway.

The Viridian Catalog was put together by a creative science fiction writer.


Chris Rose (London), Former Strategic Advisor to Greenpeace International has written extensively about Campaign Strategies

DoBe.org is the website for participatory events in every city in the world.

Endgame Research Services provides a wealth of information and support for actions. The mission of the Public Information Network is to provide research services and training to citizens who are working for corporate and governmental accountability, and who are committed to socially just and ecologically sustainable societies. They promote alliances among groups working on ecological, democratic, human rights, and labor concerns and between activists in developed and developing nations.

Cooperative Communication Skills includes writings on compassionate listening, among others.

http://ejolt.org/ isa global research project bringing science and society together to catalogue and analyze ecological distribution conflicts and confront environmental injustice.  It has a very comprehensive database of environmental conflicts worldwide.


Now Hear This - The Nine Laws of Successful Advocacy Communications - produced by Fenton Communications for the Packard Foundation. This report (available as a pdf file from the website) summarises views of twenty five "leading figures" in campaigns and communications. Mostly US examples but widely applicable. The content is much more revealing than the chapter headings suggest. Fenton say of NGOs ("not for profits"):

They ... face challenges: Sometimes they go from being right to being righteous, losing supporters along the way. They often want to win the battle and the war in one step, when history tells us this is not the way it works. They have to be committed for the long-term. They often build campaigns and initiatives on assumptions - not tested, well-honed strategies. They sometimes think the issues are too complex for simple, concise messages... In preparing this report, we searched for common denominators that helped to define the most successful campaigns - as well as the Achilles’ heel of some failures. One conclusion: there are three MUST HAVES for any successful campaign: 1) Clear, measurable goals. 2) Extensive knowledge of whom you are trying to reach and what moves them. 3) Compelling messages that connect with your target audience. We all know this, yet too often we move forward on campaigns without using these three criteria as our guide. How do we ensure these three core components are at the center of the campaign? 4) Start with systematic planning that is reviewed and then revised. 5) Specify for people what to do, how to do it, and why. 6) Make the case for why action is needed now. 7) Match strategy and tactics to target audience. 8) Budget for success. 9) Rely on experts when needed...


Strategic Marketing Communications, P R Smith, Chris Berry, Alan Pulford, Kogan Page 1997 ISBN 0 7494 2918 6. P 21

Yes Minister, Jonathan Lynn and Antony Jay eds, Guild Publishing London 1984

Yes Prime Minister, Jonathan Lynn and Antony Jay eds, Guild Publishing London 1986

Whitehall, Peter Hennessy, 1990, Collins - study of the British civil service

The Art of Strategy: A New Translation of Sun Tzu's Classic, the Art of War, Sun-Tzu, R. L. Wing (Translator), ISBN: 0 38523 784 7 - Chinese strategy classic

Campaigning Manual, Amnesty International 1997 ISBN 0 86210 271 5 - A-to-Z of practical campaign organisation, very useful if a little dated

The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell, ISBN 0 316 31696 2 - on the spread of ideas


Organisations: Global Issues/International

The Frameworks Institute has a useful site which explains the approach of this US-based organisation, with examples. In 'Framework Analysis' it asks:

  • How does the public think about a particular social or political issue?
  • What is the public discourse on the issue? And how is this discourse influenced by the way media frames that issue?
  • How do these public and private frames affect public choices?
  • How can an issue be reframed to evoke a different way of thinking, one that illuminates a broader range of alternative policy choices?


ShiftingGround.org is a new-wave consultancy website with excellent selection of mostly alternative UK links to activist and other groups.

Amnesty International


Friends of the Earth, also UK site - extensive information links

World Wildlife Federation International

International Institute for Sustainable Development has many useful information services

Waveland is a virtual state with Greenpeace roots on Rockall, now gone its own way

World Business Council on Sustainable Development

Sustainable Business - what it says

The Natural Step might be the only organisation with a definition of sustainable development that is actually useful.

Environmental Investigations Agency

European Youth Forest Action has a simple, but useful campaign planning guide.

Organisations: Atmosphere/Climate Related

Families Against Bush (FAB) - people boycotting US companies supporting George Bush's climate polluting policies.

MIPIGGs - multisectoral initiative against potent industrial greenhouse gases.

Climate Action Network

Goddard Institute for Space Studies - very global things

UK Meteorological Office has a global temperature picture gallery from the start of the industrial revolution into the future.

Action Mechanisms Online

Climate Voice

Pandapassport - WWF's online action interface

Information Services

Ethical Corporation Magazine - a website and print magazine pushing the idea of the business case for corporate responsibility.

Environment News Service - the best daily freewire news service on environment.

Earthtimes - development and environment online newspaper.

Environics - probably the best global monitors of opinion regarding environmental issues.


United Nations Environment Programme - with useful calendar of events.

Worldwatch Institute - environmental information publishers of renown.

Applied Futures - history of the world chart and other interesting things.

BBC - faster than using most search engines for tracking down relevant information (good links), whether UK or global.

Financial Times - good searchable base of articles on any business issues.

New Media

Africam - one of the things you can do with webcams

imp - new media impacts magazine online.

Berkman Center for Internet and Society - useful academic links regarding new media issues.

Copernic multiple search engine.

www.climateprediction.com is a dispersed computing project to help climate research.

Mainly UK Related

London Wildlife Trust

British Association of Nature Conservationists

Media Natura - for more information on Media Natura contact the Projects Director, Media Natura, 1 Silex Street, London SE1 0DP, United Kingdom. Email : medianatura@gn.apc.org


Fairyland Trust

Wildfile/unofficial wildlife trusts - many UK conservation links

mad.co.uk - excellent marketing site with free trial use.

The UK Government has a searchable database starting point for all UK official things.

Environment Agency - useful pollution information on some issues.

Reclaim The Steets - links to much activist information.

Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution - useful reports

Advertising Standards Authority

www.192.com - track down addresses etc with maps

Council for the Protection of Rural England

Mainly U.S.

Grist Magazine - free online or e-mail.

Sierra Club - founded by Scotsman John Muir, who effectively invented environmental campaigning.

Medical malpractice:  www.malpracticecenter.com.  The goal of this organizatio is to help these individuals and family members by providing information on different types of medical malpractice, plus state-by-state malpractice laws and limitations in hopes of reducing these types of injuries.


 There is a wealth of information about cancer on the Internet.  HON (Health On the Net) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to guide people to accurate medical information and expertise online (www.hon.ch).

Lung  Cancer:  One good source for lung cancer is www.lung-cancer.com.  This site provides information on causes, types of lung cancer, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options, and a good survery of causitive environmental factors, which might be helpful.

Asbestos:  For those at risk or affected by asbestos exposure, the Mesothelioma Treatment Community ( mesothelioma) is dedicated to the assistance and guidance of asbestos and mesothelioma victims around the world - to not only inspire hope but to also provide palliative care and comprehensive information through their website, resources, and educational videos. They are a major resource for mesothelioma treatment options and complementary therapies for cancer

 the Mesothelioma Web (http://www.mesotheliomaweb.org ) is a comprehensive site on asbestos and mesothelioma, providing information and support to those who have been exposed to asbestos.  Another site, http://www.mesotheliomahelp.org/mesothelioma/prognosis/ offers detailed information regarding the symptoms, disease types, and methods of treatment. Mesothelioma.net offers beneficial information regarding the dangers of asbestos exposure and provides tools and knowledge needed to fight back at this deadly disease.

Other excellent resources are www.mesotheliomaguide.com and www.asbestos.com/mesothelioma.  An good guide to doctors trained in this area is given here:  www.asbestos.com/treatment/doctors/



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